He Gets Her




Thank you for considering us to speak at your event. We speak for only two reasons:
we love connecting with people and because we're passionate about the ability relationships have to change lives. Whether it's a conference keynote, breakout session, church gathering or school program we would be honored to be a part of your event.

Are you dating and trying to figure out what's next?
Are you engaged and looking for help to get things started the right way? 
Are you "doing alright" but just need a referee to help you figure out that one thing?
We can help.

CLIENT Testimonials



"Mike and Cass are the best! I couldn't believe their insightfulness and intuitiveness. In that honesty and wisdom came great discussion and further understanding. I know we are walking into our marriage with better tools and we can't thank them enough for the heart and soul they poured into us."

/  Premarital clients  /

"You know how some people are called 'whisperers' or 'gurus' because they have an innate ability to understand certain topics? Yea, Mike and Cass are like that, but without all the mysterious jargon. They just point out what you're missing because you're too close to see it for yourself."

/ coaching client  /

"Thank you so much Mike and Cass for everything! You all were amazing! We appreciate everything that you both did for us. We are still benefitting every day from sessions with you two. You two have definitely enriched our lives for the best."

/  premarital clients  /

"I've been married for 14 years and it took me half of that time to realize some of the things Mike and Cass are teaching! More people need to hear this."

/  event attendee  /

"This new understanding is really life changing. I don't know if my relationship would have made it without this info. I really do get my girlfriend now. Our disagreements are much less frequent and end a lot quicker."

/  coaching client /

"Mike is able to not only help men understand women, he also equips us with the tools to speak their language so they can understand us."

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Photography by: Kiyah C